Who We Are

Redefining educational initiative is a Non-profit Organization focused on redefining Education as an approach towards achieving Development in Africa through nurturing of talents and creativity with the sole aim of contributing to achieving Sustainable Development goals, Good Leadership and Silencing the gun in Africa.

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What We Believe

We believe that now is the time for young Africans to participate and contribute to change and development in the continent. Africa’s large youthful and resilient population must be given opportunities to inclusively contribute towards the sustainable development of the continent leaving no one behind. We further believe that Talent is Treasure and for development to exist in Africa, Talent and Creativity should be nurtured and provided with the opportunity to thrive thereby contributing to achieving Sustainable Development.


Our Ideology

In REI we strongly believe that no real Development can exist in Africa without first an Educational Revolution. By Educational Revolution, we mean enlightening the minds, uncovering the veil of ignorance, decolonizing the minds (revolution of the spirit), transforming the already existing perspectives of Africans. A revolution that will fight the battle of ideas and not weapons with believe that Development should be redefined such that in Development, individuals come first.

What We Do

REI through our social media platforms and websites share African contents to enlighten young minds, uncover veil of ignorance and challenge them to participate and contribute to change and Development in the continent.

We create platforms that helps to identify and nurture talent, creativity and innovation in Africa and engaging them to provide African solutions to problems of development in Africa.

Advocate for quality Education in Africa by stressing the relevance of all forms of Education which is of tremendous relevance for the Development of any Nation.


  • To redefine Education as an approach towards development in Africa, by transforming Minds and nurturing minds to bring about positive change and sustainable development through stressing on the tremendous relevance of both formal and informal education as they are both of great importance to the development of any nation.
  • To enlighten young minds and change perspectives through various social media platforms where videos and other contents would be posted on various important topics that are rarely ever discussed but are of tremendous relevance to the development of Africa.
  • To contribute to sustainable development in Africa without negatively affecting the future generation through innovation and mentoring talents that proffer solution to social challenges
  • To become a civic space where talented citizens meet, interact, debate and work together (collaborative space) to build a system that shields the most vulnerable youths from financial limitations, unemployment and many more problems through ideologies for the common good of Africa.
  • To build a capacity that represent marginalized people to continually transform themselves and their strategies to succeed thus making a change and further creating a more desirable human condition existence in Africa.

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