"When we start educating our young ones about the History and Identity of being African, then when can build a Wakanda of our own." Knowing is Not Enough, We Must Act

Who We Are

REI through our social media platforms and websites share African contents to enlighten young minds, uncover veil of ignorance and challenge them to participate and contribute to change and development in the continent.

We create platforms that help to identify and nurture talent, creativity and innovation in Africa and engaging them to provide indigenous solutions to the challenges of development in Africa. These platforms becomes a civic space where talented Africans can interact, learn and share ideas to help contribute to development in Africa.

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REI in Numbers

REI is constantly increasing.





Redefining Education In Africa

No Real Development Can Exist In Africa Without First An Educational Revolution.

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The Africa we want

We want an Africa where all her states are truly independent and sovereign free from the invisible chains of Colonialism, an Africa that recognizes the similarities in the midst of her differences and work together for the common good of the entire Continent

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